Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Movies and music are bad, harmful for meditation

Today in the morning I sat in meditation for 25 minutes(it might be 2 minutes more:)) However, all the time throughout the whole meditation session, my mind distracted every now and then. After every 20 or 30 seconds, I found myself thinking about some other things. Most of the thoughts were about the movies I saw last night.

Not only this time, but I also noticed such thing happening a few times before. At those times too, movies, music and videos were the reason for distraction of mind in my next day's meditation session. So now I have to restrain myself from watching movies and listening to music. They don't make my mind calm, rather making it distracted.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Buddha as a supreme being: Logical Proof

I have found a very amusing dialogue of Buddha and another person called Beranja. It is about the challenge against the claim of Buddha's supremacy of highest reverence. Briefly, the dialogue was like this;
Beranja asked Buddha why he didn't rise up from seat seeing elders, old aged and revered persons since he was still far younger than them. Buddha's first reply was that he did not see anyone in this world or other worlds who would be in a position to be able to bear his respect. if he saluted them, or rose up from his seat to show respect to them, then their heads would split in pieces!
Though the above reply seems utterly ridiculous, the second reply which Buddha gave after a while is a little sensible. Say, a hen laid ten or twelve eggs. Now a chicken breaks out of the eggshell, and then other chickens break out too following the first one. Now what would you consider the first one? Eldest or youngest? Obviously the first one is the eldest. So is the Buddha. He is the one who first broke out the shell of ignorance and showed the way to others too. That's why he is the eldest one, the greatest one in this world and all other worlds.
I am not in a position to believe that there are other worlds. The claim may be true or untrue, I don't care. Buddha also showed the way of meditation, the process to achieve the ability to see and realize in this very life that there are other worlds, there are past lives, there are heaven and hell, and all other supernatural powers. Nonetheless, I don't want to tread that way, untill I am sure about what I am doing:)

For the people who are interested in Buddhism

For the people who are interested in Buddhism
You don't need to believe all those bullshits like- rebirth, four noble truths, noble eightfold path etc. You are a simple minded person and you are just trying this out for a while. Then for you, I will prescribe simply to follow five moral principles and meditation for six months. It will be logical to follow the following rules of morality which is pretty essential in our daily life:
1.       Not to kill any living being intentionally. Well, you may agree that intentional killing or killing for fun is not a good thing!
2.       Not to take what is not given. TO stay away from stealing, mugging, robbing etc.
3.       Not to make illegal sex.
4.       Not to lie even as a joke.
5.       Not to take alcohols.
Most people will agree that the above mentioned points are bad and it is good not to commit any of these tasks. Staying away from these tasks will be beneficial to both you and your friends and relatives and your environment.
Besides those rules, you need to meditate for cleansing the mind. Meditate daily. Start with 10 minutes daily practice. If you don't know how to meditate, simply sit in a quiet place, cross legged, eyes shut, back erect, breathe normally. Now when you intake the breath, concentrate on your nose tip. Your nostril or nose tip is the point to put your attention. When you intake the breath, put your attention there. When you breathe out, put your attention there. In the course of breathing in and out, just keep the attention there. Concentration will eventually turn away to other thoughts. Don't let your mind wander around. Just put it back to your nose tip. Keep you concentration there.
Now if you practice the five principles and meditation daily, hope you will earn a confidence in this religion, Only then I recommend to study more, not before that:)